Calix commended in 2019 Bioenergy Innovation Awards


Australian technology company Calix Limited has received commendation in the 2019 Bioenergy Innovation Awards – Bioenergy International Award for its creation of ACTI-Mag, which helps improve biogas production as a renewable energy source.

The Bioenergy Innovation Awards recognise domestic and international organisations for their work across the bioenergy sector. The Bioenergy Innovation Awards are a part of the Bioenergy STRONG summit where organisations and keynote speakers come together to showcase their innovations for a cleaner world.

Calix business manager, agriculture, Robert van Merkestein with Calix general manager, marketing Audrey Barucchi

Creating sustainable energy sources is a key focus area for Calix. The company is focused on developing and using technology to develop more environmentally friendly solutions for advanced batteries, crop protection, aquaculture, wastewater treatment, and carbon reduction.

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Biogas production from wastewater streams is an ideal way to increase bioenergy production while reducing odours and CO2. The effluent load in untreated wastewater includes carbon, which can be converted into methane and burned to provide power. This makes biogas a viable source of renewable energy, especially for the agricultural sector.

Calix has created ACTI-Mag using its very high surface area magnesium hydroxide powder that, when hydrated, forms a highly-stable and easily-flowable slurry that can be dosed into wastewater management systems. Compared to caustic and lime, ACTI-Mag is safer to handle, non-toxic, and non-hazardous to humans or the environment. It has been proven to increase biogas production, reduce chemical oxygen demand (COD), and improve stability.

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A trial in a palm oil plant in Thailand had showed that ACTI-Mag increased the conversion of carbon into biogas by 29.6 per cent and improved the yield value by 28 per cent. It also showed a 23.5 per cent improvement in the conversion of wastewater to biogas. With the increase in biogas delivered by ACTI-Mag, the Thai palm oil plant was able to grow its earnings per month by more than AUD$15,000.

Calix CEO Phil Hodgson said Calix is proud to be commended in the Bioenergy International Award.

“The dedicated team at Calix is always looking for ways to develop environmentally-friendly solutions to solve global sustainability challenges,” he said.

“Calix develops its technology via a global network of research and development collaborations, including governments, research institutes and universities, some of the world’s largest companies and a growing customer base and distributor network for its commercialised products and processes.”