Businesses are jumping on renewables boom

Australian businesses are embracing the renewable energy boom, with almost half of the nation’s major companies making the switch to clean energy, according to a new Climate Council report.

The report, ‘Renewables & Business: Cutting Prices & Pollution’, shows the number of Australian businesses installing solar power increased by 60 per cent during 2016 and 2017, while total business solar capacity has more than doubled since 2016.

Climate Councillor and energy expert Greg Bourne said electricity prices for small business owners had skyrocketed by almost 90 per cent in less than 10 years, while gas prices had tripled in half that time.

“This report shows the rising cost of energy is the number one concern for Australian businesses in the next decade, so it’s no surprise a variety of businesses from bakeries to breweries, and tech agencies to chilli and chicken farms, are all turning to affordable renewable energy and storage solutions,” he said.

“These businesses are actively investing in renewable energy in a bid to cut costs and take control of their power bills, while also playing a crucial role in transitioning the nation away from ageing, polluting and unreliable fossil fuels.

“This is a world-wide transition, with businesses around the globe taking advantage of the investment opportunities associated with renewable energy, with 131 of the world’s largest companies on their way to being powered by 100 per cent renewables.”

Australia is experiencing a boom in renewable energy with more than 5000MW of renewable energy projects under construction in 2018.

Climate Council energy and climate solutions analyst Petra Stock said businesses were naturally transitioning to renewable energy and battery storage, with wind and solar now the cheapest forms of new-build energy generation.

“This transition is good for the pockets of business owners and good for our climate, it really is a win-win,” she said.

“This report showcases a range of Aussie businesses who are benefiting from making the switch to solar and wind, including eight New South Wales chicken farms that are saving an astonishing $2000 a day.”