Bushfires threaten South Australian power

A major South Australian wind farm was in danger from an out-of-control grass fire burn in the state’s mid-north before it was contained. The AGL Bluff wind farm was put on alert in January when it was threatened by a bushfire at Willallo on the Bluff Range near Hallett.

The Bluff wind farm is made up of 25 wind turbines and is located around 10km north west of the Hallett township.

Power to properties along the South Australian coast were also switched off in early January due to high fire danger.

Energy company ETSA Utilities shut down the electricity supply to about 3500 homes and businesses from Victor Harbor to Hindmarsh Island.

ETSA spokesman Paul Roberts said the decision to cut power was a precaution to prevent winds from damaging power lines, ABC News reported.

ETSA Utilities recently launched a campaign highlighting the potential for the loss of electricity supply in a bushfire situation.

“We’ve been working with the CFS (South Australian Country Fire Service) to broaden awareness of the importance of being prepared not only for bushfire, but for the very real possibility of not having power supply from the electricity network,” Mr Roberts said.

The awareness campaign has included advertising, letters to service organisations, community meetings and workshops for government agencies.

“The potential for loss of electricity supply during a bushfire event is something everyone needs to think about – whether they live or work in, or travel to or through bushfire areas.”