Bundaberg Port Gas Pipeline achieves milestone: first pipes laid

The ambitious $19.8 million Bundaberg Port Gas Pipeline has achieved another significant milestone.

Initial construction of the 28km major infrastructure project – forecast to provide a major economic boost for the broader Bundaberg region – commenced yesterday with the first of the piping laid.

To mark the occasion, Australian Gas Networks – the country’s largest gas distribution business and the company contracted by the Queensland Government to build and operate the pipeline – organised a tour of the project with the Member for Bundaberg, Leanne Donaldson.

“Australian Gas Networks is delighted to be playing an integral role in delivering such a significant infrastructure project to the broader Bundaberg region,” Australian Gas Networks chief operating officer Andrew Stanford said.

“Construction of the pipeline is now well and truly underway, and will take about six months to complete followed by tie-ins to facilities and gas commissioning.

“Crucially, not only will the pipeline have the capacity to deliver a further 0.7 terrajoules of gas per day above that required to meet Knauf’s needs, it also has the potential to fuel new business and create new jobs in the area.”

Everything is on target for the pipeline to be commissioned and fully-operational in December.