Bouldercombe battery fire caused by grid-side fault

Aerial shot of the Bouldercombe Battery Project (Genex fire)
Genex's Bouldercombe Battery Project

Genex Power, owner of a 50MW/100MWh Bouldercombe Battery near Rockhampton that caught fire in late September, has revealed the blaze was triggered by issues on the grid side of the Tesla Megapack.

Genex said the fire occurred on the AC side with the fault then spreading to the battery modules.

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“The failure has been isolated to the power electronics interface with the AC bus bar in the individual Megapack unit itself and not the broader installation of Megapack units,” Genex said in a statement.

“In order to mitigate against a further event, Tesla will be undertaking replacement of two identified power electronics units and out of caution, physical inspection of the power electronics within the remainder of units at the project site.

“Genex will also be implementing upgrades to breaker control setting response times to further mitigate against a potential future event.”

The company said it expected the Bouldercombe Battery to complete commissioning and re-commence operations by mid-November.

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The $60 million battery, situated some 20 kilometers south of Rockhampton in Queensland, was in the middle of the commissioning process when the blaze broke out.

Genex said the full root cause analysis (RCA) into the fire is expected to be made public by Tesla when finalised.

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