Blackouts a catalyst for battery storage uptake

Severe weather in New South Wales, which cut the power to up to 200,000 business and household customers, will prompt consideration of battery storage and even micro grids.

According to energy analyst Giles Parkinson, writing for Reneweconomy, the dramatic storms in the Sydney region and to the city’s north could cause utilities, businesses and homeowners to look for new ways to manage individual grids when the main grid goes down.

IT Power Australia head of energy policy Muriel Watt said the number of customers looking at battery storage were also likely to increase when an estimated 146,000 households in NSW come off their premium 60c/kWh tariff next year, to “at least keep the lights on and prevent the fridge defrosting”.

Businesses, particularly those with refrigeration needs who find they are paying $40,000 to $50,000 for a backup generator with high maintenance, are also finding rooftop solar and battery storage a cheaper and more effective alternative, according to Mr Parkinson.

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