Battery storage guidelines push safety

Enphase AC Battery

The Clean Energy Council has introduced new installation guidelines for home battery storage, simplifying the process for installers and ensuring products are safe for consumers.

The guidelines will have a six month phase-in period before becoming a requirement for installers who are accredited for battery installation from October 2016.

Clean Energy Council chief executive Kane Thornton said the document provided the first comprehensive set of robust installation guidelines for battery storage in Australia, paving the way for the next generation of clean energy innovation.

“These guidelines have been established after extensive consultation over the past year and build on the most comprehensive study of battery storage safety in Australia that we undertook in partnership with CSIRO in 2015,” Mr Thornton said.

“Everyone is excited by the potential of a future created by a combination of renewable energy, home energy storage and smart energy technologies. The new guidelines are an important step in making that vision a reality.”

Mr Thornton said batteries, like any electrical device, had risks, and these guidelines provide clear procedures that allow these to be addressed safely. They are written in plain language and make it easier for installers to comply with sometimes complex safety standards, he said.

“It is obviously important that industry professionals take these risks extremely seriously and operate in a way that ensures the safety of themselves, their colleagues and consumers.”


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