More Basslink delays, but no risk to energy supply

Further delays to the Basslink cable repair will not pose a risk to Tasmania’s energy security, according to Hydro Tasmania.

The electricity interconnector attached to the Basslink undersea power cable was damaged by a subcontractor undertaking routine maintenance in March.

Basslink this week announced a revised return to service date for June 5.

Hydro Tasmania CEO Steve Davy said the storage levels are “extremely secure” and the state is well placed to manage a Basslink outage lasting up to early June.

“The extended Basslink outage is not ideal. But it poses no issue for Tasmania’s energy security,” Mr Davy said.

“Autumn has produced good above-average inflows so far.

“Tasmanian demand can be comfortably met by on-island generation: hydropower, wind and gas.”

The 298km cable has not been able to deliver power to the state since the damage in March.

Basslink chief executive Malcolm Eccles said the delay to the return to servce date is due to logistics and scheduling challenges beyond the control of Basslink.

“Due to the highly specialised nature of the equipment needed for the repair as well as the time needed to source the required expertise, the repair is taking longer than expected,” he said.

“However, we now have better visibility on the anticipated timeline. We will continue to work hard to bring the Basslink interconnector back online as soon as possible.”