Australia’s only solar manufacturer exporting to Vietnam

Tindo Solar Karra 330P panel (vietnam)
Tindo Solar Karra 330P panel (Image: Tindo Solar)

Australian solar panel manufacturer Tindo Solar is exporting to Vietnam as the Southeast Asian nation signals it will prioritise high-quality renewables hardware in its energy system.

Tindo Solar finalised an initial order for rooftop panels last week, bound for the residential and commercial market of Ho Chi Minh City. The 410w panels come from the Mawson Lakes production line and they are powered by the M10 solar cell, the world’s latest and most efficient solar technology.

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Tindo Solar CEO Richard Petterson said the export order was encouragement for the 12-year-old company’s workforce of 50 employees, and also validated Tindo’s focus on the high-quality, high-performance segment of the solar panel market.

“We produce a solar panel that performs at the top end of the market, and it is made to endure the extremes of the Australian climate so we can sell it with a 25-year product warranty,” Petterson said.

“Vietnam’s climate has some similarities to Australia, with high humidity causing delamination and equipment failure in low-quality panels. Just as Australian buyers are prepared to invest in performance and longevity, the Vietnamese market is also moving towards quality.”

Tindo Solar has exported to the Vietnam market in the past, but the current orders were vindication of Australian advanced manufacturing in the post-COVID era.

“The renewables market started by aiming for the lowest-cost hardware, but the focus has been shifting to quality and sustainability. We make an excellent product that is recognised internationally and that’s a compliment not only to Tindo’s workforce but also to Australian advanced manufacturing,” Petterson said.

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He said Tindo Solar panels used quality cells, quality glass laminate and individual testing of finished panels in order to handle the harsh Australian summers.

“The Desert Knowledge Australian Solar Centre shows Tindo Solar panels outperforming and outlasting most competitors. Australia doesn’t have to compete in the low-cost mass market—we can make a premium product that’s suited to our climate, and that creates jobs and drives innovation.”

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