Australia’s first full-service renewable energy broker Teho launched

David and Jonathan Green

Founded by brothers David and Jonathan Green in 2020, Teho is Australia’s first full-service renewable energy broker connecting both consumers and businesses with renewable energy solutions and financing options.

With backgrounds in renewable energy and finance, David and Jonathan created Teho after seeing a gap in the market for a one-stop renewable energy brokerage.

Co-founder David Green said, “We launched Teho to fill the gap between service providers and consumers. With emerging technologies and the uptake of renewables, people get stuck in the middle without enough good information to make an informed decision. Teho changes that.

Taking a holistic approach to our customers’ power usage we learn and understand how they are using power. Then, we help them connect with businesses to install solutions like solar. Finance options help provide accessibility and affordability along the way for both consumers and businesses alike.”

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Teho works across solar, renewables, batteries, electric and hybrid cars, and has a focus on connecting customers with reliable and qualified industry partners.

“The solar industry, in particular, doesn’t have the standard of regulations we would like to see. As a customer, that can make choosing a provider a tough and overwhelming task. We look to minimise those stressors by collaborating with leading partners that our customers can truly trust,” David said.

Industry partners have welcomed Teho to the market as it presents them with an opportunity to connect with more customers, while also allowing them to be paid upfront for their work through Teho’s customer finance offering.

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“Working with Teho means businesses are connected  with highly educated, highly engaged  customers who are ready to make the switch to renewable energy. This means less chasing business and more doing business for our partners,” David said.

Teho provides financing and payment options for both consumers and businesses and makes the switch to renewables simple and seamless.

“Commercial Solar Finance gives businesses access  to low-cost capital to finance renewable energy projects like solar installations so that they can maintain strong cash flow while offsetting their OPEX and switching to renewable energy. For consumers, opting in for finance can even make switching to solar cash flow positive from day one,” David said.