Australia’s first EV is built to last

Tomcar LV1
Tomcar LV1

A Melbourne-based company has started manufacturing the first Australian designed and built electric car.

Tomcar’s LV1 is an offroad vehicle designed for farmers, miners, tourism operators, defence forces and surveyors – essentially anyone who transports loads across rough terrain.

With no stereo, heating, power steering or any luxuries, Tomcar is not in competition with other EVs on the market. However, it is one of the leading makers of recreational carts and buggies in Australia.

Following two years of development, the LV1 claims to be “the world’s toughest EV”, with a 100kW/300Nm electric motor, and a battery pack ranging in sizes from 12-20kWh. The vehicle is even designed to survive being parachuted out of a plane.

The LV1 has been designed for the deep tunnels of Australia’s mines. Underground holds one of the biggest use cases for electric vehicles, with zero emissions making it easier for miners to breath while they’re underground. It can also be charged within mine corridors, and voids the need for trucks to bring in fuel for cars.

Tomcar Australia’s co-founder and CEO David Brim said the company has been working with EV tech company Energetique for more than a year, and sources around 60 per cent of all raw materials and parts from local businesses.

“The entire vehicle is being developed here, including the unique proprietary software and the powertrain system design. This vehicle is a game changer for the Australian automotive manufacturing industry, an industry that has a bright future thanks to Tomcar,” he said.

Full scale production of the zero emissions Tomcar LV1 will commence in November at the Tomcar facility in Melbourne, with customer deliveries expected next February.