Australia’s biggest ever renewables tender opens for bids

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Australia’s largest ever single tender for renewable energy is now open, with the federal government supporting private investment in 6GW of new renewable generation across the National Electricity Market.

Renewable projects can now bid to be part of the government’s Reliable Renewables Plan, which is delivering 32GW of new generation and storage into the grid by 2030 with the Capacity Investment Scheme.

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Projects through the tender will have a target completion date of 2027 and will boost energy generation as coal-fired power generators are retired and demand for electricity increases.

As part of those negotiations, 2.2GW of the tender has been allocated exclusively for NSW, 0.3GW for South Australia, 1.4GW for Victoria and 0.3GW for Tasmania. The remaining 1.8GW will be allocated across the National Electricity Market, including Queensland, to the most meritorious projects.

The first round of tenders for Western Australia, targeting 500MW of storage will commence mid-year.

Projects will be selected through a two-stage process that takes into account a broad range of factors including value for money, timing for delivery, First Nations commitments and local community benefits.

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Minister for Climate Change and Energy Chris Bowen said, “Twenty-four coal plants totalling 26.7GW announced closure dates under the former government, and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has confirmed we need generation now for reliability as more than 90% of our coal generation leaves the market over the next decade—that’s exactly what our Reliable Renewables Plan is doing.”

Find out more about the tender here.

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