Australians can pre-order Tesla Powerwall 2

Less than a month after Tesla launched the Powerwall 2 home battery storage system in the US, the unit is available for pre-order in Australia.

The new 14kWh batteries are around half the price (per kWh) and has more than double the power output capacity of the original Powerwall, at 7kW peak and 5kW continuous.

They are available for order online and in Tesla stores in Australia, with installations to begin in February 2017.

The systems will cost $8000 per unit, according to the Tesla website.

Tesla has timed the release in Australia to assist the hundreds of thousands of households in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales who are about to lose their premium feed-in tariff.

“With over 275,000 Australian households affected by the reduction of feed-in tariffs …the timing for Powerwall 2 to launch into the Australian market is ideal,” Tesla said.

“Most homes use only a fraction of the solar energy they generate, with owners currently using the benefits of the feed-in tariffs to gain the value from their asset. Powerwall 2 allows home owners to use more of their solar, storing the energy to use at any time rather than sending the excess energy back into the grid for the low return that is about to begin.”

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