Australian engineers produce predictable tidal power generation

Elemental Energy Technologies (EET) recently approved the international production licences for the ‘SeaUrchin’ marine power generator.

The company issued exclusive independent licenses for the manufacture and distribution of the SeaUrchin for China, South Korea, Japan, India, ASEAN and the African Union.

The SeaUrchin marine power generator is the result of development by a diverse Australian-led international engineering team.

“Prototypes have been designed, manufactured and tested by a collaboration of engineering organisations based in Newcastle, Australia and Pune, India,” EET chairman Kim Lyle said.

“Our licensees in these key markets have the resources and expertise to take the technology to the next stage of full commercial deployment,” he said.

“As a company whose core business is devising innovative renewable marine energy technology, we have focused on the principle that the keys to successful commercialisation lie in the timely delivery of a superior product that outperforms all current alternatives at the lowest capital, installation, operating and maintenance costs.”

The SeaUrchin is designed to become a commercially viable alternative to existing coal and nuclear powered utilities. According to EET, it can’t be seen from the shoreline and has little environmental impact on either the sea floor or marine life.

The ‘third generation’ SeaUrchin technology addresses the design issues of earlier versions and maximises power extraction from free-flowing water, including ocean currents, tides, rivers or canals.

“Now there is a renewable energy solution that overcomes the fundamental limitations of technologies which are dependent on changeable weather patterns such as solar or wind,” Mr Lyle said.

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