Australian energy software company expands to the UK

Australian software provider Simble Solutions has announced a new channel partnership with Powercor, a leading provider of LED lighting technology in the UK.

This partnership will allow Simble to bring a technology bundling arrangement, alongside a major lighting manufacture, to market.

Targeting the growing market for smart lighting will spearhead the company’s UK launch, bringing its energy analytics and control software solution – Simble Energy Platform – to all customers of Powercor.

“Demand for LED technologies has reached a tipping point and Simble offers a clearly differentiated solution that allows us to work closely with clients as trusted advisers, bringing our expertise in LED lighting and control to help them reduce their energy consumption and operating costs,” Powercor technical director Chris Wright said.

“We can now provide our clients with detailed measurement and verification of the savings they can achieve through LED lighting and control projects, by offering the Simble Energy Platform, under a recurring subscription model that will help us further engage our clients and strengthen our client retention capability.”

Each installation completed under this partnership will deliver Simble recurring Software as a Service (SaaS) revenue, prepaid under annual or multi-year contracts with the customer.

The Simble Energy Platform’s targeted UK launch alongside smart lighting applications is designed to leverage strong demand trends for these technologies and harness major synergies involving its ‘2 Way Smart Control’ capability.

Simble anticipates installations from the channel partnership with Powercor to commence this quarter.

First sales and installations are expected this month with potential for 40 customer sites to be rolled out in Q2 and potential for a further 60 customer sites in Q3.

Simble CEO Fadi Geha said the company was excited by the growth opportunity in the UK market.

“With costs of LED’s falling 90 per cent over the past decade, smart lighting technology is now witnessing mainstream adoption and, we are proud to help magnify the associated energy savings via the Simble Energy Platform’s 2-Way Smart Control capability,” Mr Geha said.

“We look forward to working with Powercor as they commence the rollout to their customers across the UK and see this as the start of a larger opportunity to work alongside global LED lighting manufacturers.”