Australia could be a wind turbine manufacturing hub

As the world energy sector increases its proportion of renewables in the energy production mix, Australia has been identified as a potential wind turbine manufacturing hub.

Founder, chairman and managing director of India’s Suzion Energy Tulsi Tanti is in Australia to discuss the future of the wind industry and where the future costs of renewable energy are likely to be.

Renew Economy interviewed Mr Tanti earlier this week and he said Australia had potential to be one of the “world’s greenest countries” with our plentiful space, solar and wind resources.

But he also pointed out the sense in Australia making large-scale wind turbines on a number of levels, but in particular jobs and growth.

“Now is the right time for Australia to invest in renewables,” Mr Tanti said.

“And the biggest advantage is long-term sustainable jobs.”

The other benefit for Australia would be a reduction in the project costs of establishing renewable energy plants. Australia currently has the highest project costs in the world at 40 per cent, which normally average 30 per cent in other countries.

“The rest of the world is going very aggressively,” he said.

“In other parts of the world, governments are being aggressive and putting pressure on their manufacturing companies.

“Liquidity (funding) is not a problem, I don’t see a constraint on the funding side.

“The limitations (facing the Australian industry) are regulatory. There have to be annual targets, there should be checks and balances.”

Reported in Renew Economy.

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