Australia Post installs largest single-roof solar system

Australia Post has installed the nation’s largest single-roof solar panel system at its Chullora sorting centre in Sydney.

The $3 million project will subsequently power Australia’s busiest parcel sorting facility and save more than $800,000 in annual energy costs.

The 2.1MW installation spans more than 11,000sqm – the same area as nine Olympic swimming pools – and will cut 2,200 tonnes of carbon emissions each year.

The solar-powered facility is the 49th solar-powered site in the Australia Post network. Combined, the systems will generate 5,000MWh of renewable energy for the business each year and significantly reduce its operational costs.

Australia Post Group chief financial officer Janelle Hopkins said the solar panels would allow the business to invest more in the products and services its customers wanted.

“This installation is the 49th solar-equipped site within Australia Post’s network, which combined will generate 5,000MWh of renewable electricity every year,” Ms Hopkins said.

“Our investments in improving energy and cost efficiency of our buildings have already saved us $40 million. This project is a strong example of our commitment towards leading with environmentally sustainable business outcomes.”