Australia drops to 52nd place in Green Future Index

Coal-fired power station with smoke pouring from smokestacks (Green Future Index)
Image: Shutterstock

Australia has dropped to 52 on MIT Technology’s Review’s Green Future Index 2022—a dramatic fall from its 35th position last year, according to Stockhead.

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The second edition of the comparative ranking of 76 nations and territories tracks how economies around the world are placed in terms of investment in renewables, innovation and green policy.

The latest Green Future Index placed Australia in the category of 20 countries “making slow and uneven progress or commitment toward building a green future”.

A breakdown of Australia’s overall ranking on the Green Future Index includes:

  • Carbon emissions – 21st place
  • Energy transition – 60th
  • Green society – 21st place
  • Clean innovation – 68th
  • Climate policy – 47th

“Australia did not sign the COP26 pledge to phase out coal by 2030, but is speeding up some transition targets, such as closing its biggest coal-fired power station by 2025, seven years ahead of schedule,” the report said.

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Clean innovation was the country’s worst ranking, covering all things from green patents to investment in cross-border clean energy initiatives and investment in food tech.

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