Australia and Singapore agree to green energy deal

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Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese have agreed to a sustainable commerce deal to support trade, investment and climate change objectives.

The trade deal will see Australia and Singapore jointly implementing 17 initiatives to promote sustainable shipping and aviation, government purchases of goods and services from low-emissions sources, sustainable food systems and eco-labelling, and sustainable schemes.

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said the pact showed a “collective resolve” to slash greenhouse gas emissions through an ambitious energy project, and would “support clean energy innovation, unlock business opportunities and create jobs, and help deliver our mission’s targets”.  

One of the projects is the creation of an intercontinental power grid between the two countries, something clean energy start-up Sun Cable has been working towards with its AAPowerlink project. The vision is that of a high-voltage transmission line capable of shifting huge volumes of solar power from Australia’s Northern Territory to Singapore.

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If successful, it would be the world’s first intercontinental power grid.

“If this project can be made to work—and I believe it can be—you will see the world’s largest solar farm,” Albanese said. 

“The prospect of Sun Cable is just one part of what I talk about when I say Australia can be a renewable energy superpower for the world.”

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