Aussies want to be sustainable, but don’t know how

New researchreveals the average Australian wants to create a more sustainable home, but think it’s too hard and too expensive.

IKEA Australia’s People and Plant Positive Reportreveals half of those surveyed don’t know where to start when it comes to creating a sustainable home, with more than one in three finding sustainability “completely overwhelming”. What’s more, 57 per cent are aware of the cost and time saving benefits of being sustainable, however, 48 per cent said they needed help to change their behaviour and their products.

The desire to live a more sustainable life at home was particularly popular with millennials aged 18-24, according to the report.

To launch the report, the home building and furnishings multi-national has created the IKEA Sustainability Studio in Central Park, Sydney. The model apartment is entirely sustainable, designed by IKEA Australia.

The home demonstrates how easy it is to make simple changes, such as swapping a lightbulb, using less water, and introducing sustainable material into soft furnishings.