Aussies embracing rooftop solar in record numbers

Rooftop solar system on tiled roof of Australian home (solar record)
Image: Shutterstock

New data released by the Clean Energy Regulator has revealed Australians are turning to rooftop solar in unprecedented numbers, with a record 813MW of rooftop solar PV installed in the third quarter of 2023 and the average system size also growing.

The Clean Energy Regulator’s Quarterly Carbon Market Report September Quarter 2023 showed an increasing number of Australian households were investing in rooftop solar and electrification to lower their energy bills during the ongoing cost of living crisis.

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Solar Citizens CEO Heidi Lee Douglas said, “Australians love solar and they’re embracing rooftop solar in record numbers.

“Harnessing the cheap, clean power available from installing solar panels on your rooftop is an effective way of bringing down the cost of living, especially as we head into the warmer summer months.

“Households save about $1,200 a year with rooftop solar and those savings last for the lifetime of the solar system which might be 10 to 20 years. The next stage of the rooftop solar boom will be powered and enabled by home batteries and electric vehicles.”

The report also indicated that Australia was on track to match or break the record on the amount of rooftop solar installed for the year.

“There are millions of Australians benefiting from the cost savings of solar and a growing number taking the next step teaming panels with battery technology,” Douglas said.

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“Now we need more targeted financial support for Australian homes to access clean technology, including low-income households or people who live in apartments, rentals or social housing.

“No one should be left behind from the benefits of solar.”

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