Ausgrid crew rescues turtle in turmoil

An Ausgrid worker has rescued Terry the turtle from a busy road

Two Ausgrid workers have stuck their necks out for a turtle in trouble.

On Friday, substation technicians Richard Christie and Bob Mansini rescued the turtle from a busy road in New South Wales.

The turtle, dubbed Terry, was spotted walking across the road near Ausgrid’s Maitland depot.

Mr Mansini said they could see the turtle was in a dangerous spot.

“We saw two cars pass right over it and it was almost hit by a motorcycle,” he said.

The crew pulled over and waited for a break in traffic before Mr Christie, a passionate wildlife lover, scooped Terry up off the road and moved him safely to bushland.

“It felt good to be able to just take a moment and help save the turtle that probably would’ve been crushed if we hadn’t stopped,” Richard said.

Mr Mansini agreed and said it made for a great story to tell the kids.

“It only cost us two minutes to stop and help and it was a good outcome all round,” Bob said.

Ausgrid crews are becoming known for their unique rescues – recently saving a wedge-tailed eagle, a paraglider and a macaw parrot named Calypso from powerlines.

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