Ausgrid crew dive in to rescue sinking vehicle

A dashcam still of the rescue

An Ausgrid electricity crew is being praised for their quick thinking after helping rescue a sinking four-wheel drive on the Northern Beaches on Tuesday, August 20.

Substation technician Daniel Van Der Kley and lineworker Michael Loomes were waiting for the barge at Rowland Reserve boat ramp in Bayview to head to Scotland Island for a routine job.

“All of a sudden we heard screaming and cries for help from the next boat ramp and when we looked we saw a four-wheel drive sliding backwards into the river where two men were launching a boat,” Michael said.

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Not knowing if there may have been children trapped in the vehicle Daniel and Michael drove over to help.

“The vehicle was almost completely submerged with water up to the windows, we could see it was sinking fast and knew we had to do something.

“The two guys were frantically trying to get a rope onto the vehicle to stop it sinking so we used the winch on our vehicle and attached it to the four-wheel drive and pulled it out of the water,” Michael said.

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The entire incident was captured on the dashcam of the Ausgrid emergency vehicle and chief customer officer Rob Amphlett Lewis has praised the crew’s actions.

“This is another example of how our crews often go above and beyond the call of duty to help members of the community and Michael and Daniel should be commended for their quick thinking.

“Without hesitation they jumped in to help members of the public who were in trouble and I’d like to personally thank them for a job well done,” Rob said.

Fortunately, no-one was injured but the four-wheel drive was waterlogged.

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