Aurora Energy supports raptor refuge

Aurora Energy’s long partnership with the Raptor and Wildlife Refuge of Tasmania facility has been cemented with the official opening of an Education Centre.

The company’s chief executive officer Dr Peter Davis said the Education Centre, which is located at the Kettering site, would complement the existing raptor rehabilitation aviaries by providing education and awareness of raptor conservation issues for school and community groups.

“Aurora was delighted to provide support to Raptor Refuge and its founder Craig Webb and in the conservation of Tasmania’s magnificent raptor species,” Dr Davis said.

“Aurora has supported Craig and his network of volunteers for more than 10 years, supplying and erecting poles for the aviaries onsite. Our latest $10,000 investment in the Education Centre will demonstrate the measures we take to minimise our impact on iconic species such as the wedge-tailed eagle, Australia’s largest bird of prey.”

Aurora has installed a number of bird protection measures at the refuge, including wooden perching platforms for the top of its power poles and insulation of bare wires and bird diverters, which act as visual deterrents on powerlines for birds.

The Education Centre features one-way glass to enable visitors to view the birds without causing them stress and the visitor experience will soon be enhanced with live-streaming video.

“With more than 20,000km of powerlines and 220,000 power poles to manage around the state, it is impossible for Aurora to prevent all danger to birds. However, we are serious about wildlife conservation and particularly minimising risk for protected species such as the wedge-tailed eagle, white-bellied sea eagle, peregrine falcon, southern boobook owl, swamp harrier, grey goshawk and masked owl,” Dr Davis said.

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