Aurora Energy launches new substation for Kingborough

Aurora Energy chief executive officer Dr Peter Davis and Kingborough Deputy Mayor Steve Wass have turned the first sod on Aurora’s $8 million Kingborough Zone Substation development in Kingston, Tasmania.

Substantial residential growth in the Kingborough municipality had placed increasing pressure on electrical infrastructure, which could lead to lengthy blackouts without the development of this new zone substation.

The substation has capacity for 4500 new customer connections and will substantially increase electrical reliability and security in the municipality. The site also includes additional space to allow for further upgrades as required.

Dr Davis welcomed the participation of Alstom Grid, which recently built the Howrah zone substation on Hobart’s eastern shore and has been contracted by Aurora for the design and construction of the Kingborough Zone Substation.

As a precaution, two large mobile generators have been placed in the Kingborough region to assist with any unexpected issues that may arise during peak demand periods on winter mornings and evenings. These generators will not be required once the new Kingborough Zone Substation is complete.

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