Arrow awards Gladstone tunnel concept design contract

Coal seam gas (CSG) company Arrow Energy awarded the tender for the concept design of the tunnel that will transport CSG from Gladstone to the Arrow LNG Plant on Curtis Island in central Queensland.

The six-kilometre tunnel will have a four-metre internal diameter and house high-pressure gas pipeline and other utility services.

The tunnel’s concept will be designed by the Brisbane office of global engineering consultancy, Arup.

Arrow Energy chief executive officer Andrew Faulkner said Arup would begin work immediately on the tunnel’s design and specifications.

“The tunnel will have a smaller footprint than if we were to construct a pipeline on the seafloor. There will be entrance and exit points, but no overwater construction,” Mr Falkner said.

The tunnel to Curtis Island will be one of the longest offshore tunnels in Queensland and will take approximately three and a half years to build and fit out.

“Australia has a number of experienced tunnelling contractors so we are confident the tunnel will be built to the highest standard,” Mr Faulkner said.

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