AGL opens 250MW grid-scale battery at Torrens Island

Aerial image of the Torrens Island battery in Adelaide, South Australia
Torrens Island battery (Image: AGL)

AGL Energy is celebrating the launch of its 250MW/250MWh grid-scale battery at Torrens Island in Adelaide, South Australia.

AGL CEO Damien Nicks said, “This is a significant milestone in AGL’s transition journey as we continue to accelerate the build out of up to 12GW of renewable and firming capacity by 2035, playing our part in Australia’s energy transition.

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“This battery is the second largest battery in Australia. It will provide enough electricity to power approximately 75,000 South Australian homes for one hour—with the option to extend the duration to four hours in the future when the market is ready.

“We are taking action to deliver on our transition goals—this battery was constructed within 18 months—a great example of what can be achieved when government, regulators and the private sector are all working together.

“Importantly, this milestone demonstrates how we can make the most of our grid connections, land and people to redevelop our thermal generation sites into industrial energy hubs. On this very site in the past four years, we have announced the closure of a thermal power station, built a flexible peaking plant and commissioned the second largest battery in Australia—this is the transition in action.”

AGL chief operating officer Markus Brokhof said the battery would provide additional capacity and flexibility for the grid.

“At the height of construction there were about 110 people working on this battery— growing the workforce capability we need for the energy transition,” Brokhof said.

“South Australia has the largest penetration of rooftop solar in Australia. This battery will respond to the requirements of the SA grid in milliseconds providing additional capacity and frequency control services when the system requires it.

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“The technology which makes up this battery is remarkable. There are 218 battery cabinets housing more than 6,000 battery modules.”

As part of AGL’s Climate Transition Action Plan, the company aims to add ~12GW of generation and firming by the end of 2035—comprised of ~6.3GW of renewables and ~5.9GW of firming.

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