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AGL today announced that from tomorrow, July 1, all of its electricity plans will offer a certified carbon-neutral option.

AGL’s new Carbon Neutral electricity product is certified by the Australian Government’s Climate Active Program and will provide a carbon-neutral electricity option on all AGL plans.

Announcing the new product today, AGL CEO Brett Redman said that this was an important step in providing AGL customers with choice to support the energy sector’s transition.

“By the end of FY21 a carbon neutral option will be available on all AGL products – be they electricity, gas or telecommunications – giving all of our customers choice for the cleaner and more sustainable options many are seeking when it comes to their essential services,” Mr Redman said.

Offering all AGL customers choice is part of AGL’s updated Climate Statement, which confirms AGL’s target of net zero emissions by 2050 and recognises three major forces driving Australia’s energy transition: customer demand, how communities act, and how technology evolves.

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The Climate Statement will shape AGL’s portfolio management, supply and technology investment, and customer offerings.

AGL’s Climate Statement outlines five commitments:

  1. Offer customers the option of carbon-neutral prices across all products. 
  2. Support the evolution of Australia’s voluntary carbon markets. 
  3. Continue investing in new sources of electricity supply. 
  4. Responsibly transition AGL’s energy portfolio. 
  5. Be transparent. 

“As Australia’s largest and oldest integrated electricity generator and retailer, we play a vital role in Australia’s energy market and the wider transition,” AGL CEO Brett Redman said.

“Not only do our coal and gas fired generators ensure Australia’s lights remain on, they provide the financial strength for AGL to progress the transition.

“I am proud of the role our employees at all of our generation sites play, particularly as demonstrated during the recent crisis.

“What the crisis has reinforced for us is that we need to continue to embrace change, innovate and move with speed in order to evolve as an organisation, drive transformation in our industry and provide the community with the type of essential service they need.

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“Many of our customers share our interest in shaping a more sustainable future. So, it’s important to provide them with options and that’s what our new carbon neutral product does – regardless of whether they are a family, a small business or a large commercial or industrial customer.

“To support this new product into the future AGL has embedded changes in our policies, supply chain and systems to ensure a carbon neutral option is offered every time a customer chooses an AGL electricity, gas or telecommunications product.

“We accept the science of climate change; the more difficult aspect that needs to be addressed is how we manage the transition in a way that reduces emissions and supports our customers and the community.

“I believe that Australia and Australians have the capability and the capacity to achieve transition in our energy market in a way that drive us forward, unlocks the potential of new technology and creates new industries and opportunities.”

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