AGL invests $32 million at Torrens Island Power Station

Torrens Island Power Station
AGL's Torrens Island Power Station

AGL is preparing for the next stage of the maintenance program to maintain reliability and safety at its Torrens Island Power Station.

AGL general manager Gas and Renewables Operations Colin Mills said an overhaul of the 200 megawatt (MW) B3 generating unit at Torrens Island is scheduled to commence in March 2019, after the summer peak demand period.

He said AGL had invested about $32 million in the 2017 and 2018 financial years to overhaul the 120 MW A3 generating unit and the 200 MW B4 unit.

Mr Mills said, “The purpose of the work is to ensure Torrens Island Power Station remains a safe, reliable and competitive supplier to the National Electricity Market not just over the summer period but over its life”.

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“Unit overhauls at Torrens Island normally last about three months and can create up to 200 jobs for contractors and sub-contractors, many of whom are from the local area.

“This investment is in addition to the $295 million which we have previously announced we plan to spend to develop a 210 MW reciprocating engine power station, also on Torrens Island.”

Mr Mills said the new plant, known as Barker Inlet Power Station, would replace two of the four turbines at the Torrens Island A power station, which began operating in 1967.

“As we have previously announced, the units at Torrens Island A will be progressively mothballed from September 2019 to September 2021. The four Torrens Island B units will continue to operate,” he said.

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