AEMC says policy needs to incorporate emissions

AEMC chief executive Anne Pearson

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has addressed the Senate Select Committee on the Divestment Bill, stating that government policy framework needs to acknowledge the community’s interest in taking action on reducing emissions.

The AEMC’s chief executive Anne Pearson said this “means integrating energy and climate policy”.

“On current trends we are going to see over the next decade or so a market where consumers are increasingly driving change – a rapid leap in the use of solar rooftop PV and possibly battery storage as prices drop, and the development of microgrids or peer to peer trading is taken up in many communities,” Ms Pearson said.

“The technology revolution is offering new opportunities and benefits for customers to take control of how they buy, sell and use energy.

“Over time, this should allow for greater utilisation of the existing stock of generation and network capacity, lowering average costs for all consumers.

“The increasing ability of customers to generate and manage their energy use should reduce reliance on the grid, reduce peak demand and, in turn, reduce network costs.”

Ms Pearson also highlighted the fact the industry needs long-term policy certainty so it can respond to challenges in a timely manner, and so that investments are made in time.

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