ADVC controller strives for national excellence

Schneider Electric’s award-winning ADVC controller range will be submitted for judging at the National Engineering Excellence Awards in November.

The company’s controller achieved distinction at the Engineering Excellence Awards, Queensland division, held in October.

Winning the research and development category with the ADVC controller range, Schneider Electric was commended for the product’s improved network reliability, safety features and configurability.

“This award is recognition of a fantastic effort from the Brisbane team,” Schneider Electric’s general manager MV commercial and development, Mark Hitchings said.

“Customer engagement was an integral part of the project lifecycle and resulted in a product strongly aligned with customer values in a world wide market. The ADVC2 project is proof that Schneider Electric Australia is using local, world-class engineering to bring solutions to a global market.”

The range was designed, developed and manufactured in Brisbane and offers an integrated solution for medium voltage, overhead electrical distribution networks. Comprising a purpose-designed electronics module, power supply unit and communications processor housed in a stainless steel cabinet, the controller range performs all the functions of a protection relay, power quality monitor, uninterruptible power supply and a remote terminal unit (RTU).

The range is particularly suited as an innovative technology platform for smart grids.

The Engineering Excellence Awards are held annually by Engineers Australia and attract submissions from all corners of the engineering community.