Advanced meters benefit WA homes

advanced meters

More than 100,000 advanced meters have been installed at households throughout the South West Interconnected System (SWIS), allowing customers to view half-hourly interval data.

Customers can view the data through Synergy’s online energy management portal, My Account, giving them insights into how and when they use their electricity. 

The benefits of advanced meters include: 

  • Up-to-date billing through reducing the need for estimated meter reads;
  • Remote detection of service line faults;
  • Faster re-energisation services; and 
  • More detailed information about energy usage.

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The first in line to receive Western Power’s advanced meters include new builds and places where meters need to be replaced.  

As part of the WA Recovery Plan, the McGowan Government will fund an extra 180,000 advanced meters, boosting the number expected to be operational on the network to close to half-a-million by June 2022.

Energy Minister Bill Johnston said the meters will not only improve safety at homes, it will provide Western Australians with greater control of how they use and manage their energy consumption.

“The meters will enable customers to take advantage of emerging technologies, including community batteries, micro grids, embedded networks and electric vehicles, as well as support the increased use of rooftop solar,” he said. 

“Deploying advanced meters demonstrates the McGowan Government’s commitment to transforming and future-proofing Western Australia’s energy system.”

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