Adelaide CBD link construction well advanced

South Australia’s electricity network operator, ETSA Utilities, and transmission provider ElectraNet are currently undertaking a $300 million project to improve security and reliability of supply for Adelaide’s Central Business District (CBD).

The project is required by the energy regulator to meet Adelaide’s projected electricity demand, increase supply security and ensure continued reliability into the future, according to ETSA Utilities’ Footprints report.

The project involves construction by ElectraNet of a new 275 kV transmission line running from Torrens Island power station to a new transmission substation (City West) at Keswick.

From there, ETSA Utilities is connecting into the CBD at the Whitmore Square substation.

ETSA Utilities also has taken the opportunity to boost supply for the southern suburbs to Aldinga and beyond, connecting through its Keswick substation. This work is being supported by construction and upgrading of the network in the south.

ETSA Utilities has completed trenching and directional drilling, laid conduits and will soon complete a pull-through of the 66 kV cables that will supply the city.

The Whitmore Square substation is being substantially upgraded and architects commissioned to come up with a state-of-the-art cladding that will give a face-lift to the old frontage.

While much of the project work has gone on behind the scenes, or under the ground, trenching and laying of conduits caused traffic disruption for city drivers.

“We appreciate the co-operation of motorists and local businesses while this essential work has been underway. We took a little longer than expected because of the amount of underground services in Morphett Street and some heavy rain that held up trenching,” project manager Dannielle Kurbatfinski said.

“However, people are certainly supportive when we explain the benefits of this work.”