Adani Australia rebrands as Bravus Mining & Resources

Adani Australia is now undergoing a rebrand.

Adani Australia has unveiled a rebrand to Bravus Mining & Resources; it says to celebrate 10 years in Australia.

“Adani has marked its 10-year anniversary of operations in Australia by launching a new brand for its Australian mining business, Bravus Mining & Resources,” a statement from the company reads.

“Bravus Mining & Resources, CEO Mr David Boshoff, said now that construction of the Carmichael Project was well underway, it was the ideal time to give Adani’s mining business its own Australian brand.”

“Our 10 years in Australia has been a journey that has tested the resilience, skills and determination of our people and has confirmed the depth of our commitment to regional Queensland,” Mr Boshoff said.

“We have made a significant investment in Queensland and we will be here for the long haul employing local people and doing business in Australia.

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“We are proud to be a dedicated Australian company that is part of the North Queensland community.

“We will continue to stand up and deliver for the good of our community, no matter how courageous it requires us to be, and Bravus, our new name, reflects this intent.

“Bravus is an Australian company. We operate under Australian law and will pay taxes and royalties here.”

The reference of ‘no matter how courageous it requires us to be’ is no doubt a reference to the huge opposition and backlash Adani received throughout the approvals process for the mine.

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Indeed, Stop Adani released a media statement today stating that the rebrand is “an extraordinary concession that its toxic brand is damaging its ability to keep contractors, attain finance and attract insurers to the climate-wrecking Carmichael coal project”.

“Adani is at pains to stress it is not rebranding due to the Stop Adani campaign or because the brand is now globally toxic. This is despite the fact over 85 insurers, contractors and financiers have ruled out working with Adani on the destructive Carmichael coal project,” the statement reads.

“Adani’s rebrand can’t hide its legacy of breaking environmental laws, trashing Traditional Owner rights, destroying critical habitat for endangered species, threatening Queensland water and the Reef, or turbo-charging climate change.

“The Australian people, banks, insurers and companies see through this weak attempt to clean up its dirty image and will continue to hold Adani to account for their destruction in Australia and India.”