Acquisitions allow for full energy offer

Schneider Electric’s recent acquisitions of Areva T&D and Telvent will allow it to reduce costs and offer full energy system management options, according to the company’s general manager marketing, Mark Fuller.

Speaking at Schneider Electric’s ‘Emerge’ national road show in June, Mr Fuller said it joined forces with Alstom to purchase Areva T&D earlier this year in order to achieve efficiencies of scale.

“Everywhere in the world we are finding that costs are under huge pressure and one way to drive them down, of course, is to bring volumes up,” Mr Fuller said.

Areva T&D’s strong smart grid product offering complemented Schneider Electric and its global footprint, he said.

“Scheider is a very strong electrical utility business, but it’s a lot weaker than Areva in oil and gas, a market which is going off like a fire cracker here in Australia at the moment.”

The recent share offer of Telvent, a Spanish IT software company specialising in SCADA, allows Schneider Electric to integrate a high value-added software platform that presents a good fit with its own range in field device control and operation management software for the smart grid and efficient infrastructures. The group will also double its overall software development competencies and enhance its IT integration and software service capability, including weather services.

Schneider Electric utilities segment marketing manager, Dieter Hadrian said at Emerge that the Telvent acquisition completed the company’s scope of smart grid offering.

“It’s a major acquisition and it will become part of the Schneider energy business. It brings to Schneider a top level of system major products,” Mr hadrian said.

“Telvent gives us a layer… to provide software that does complete management of quite large networks. It completes the scope of Schneider’s smart grid offer,” he said.

Schneider Electric will be able to offer electrical utility customers complete substation automation and a smart grid software suite for distribution management systems, outage management systems, SCADA meter data management, and geographical information system.

Schneider Electric president and CEO, Jean-Pascal Tricoire said the acquisition is in line with their ambition to become a complete solution provider for their customers and integrates with their full offering. It also brings a complementary customer base and geographical coverage.

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