ABB’s new EV charger gets its country debut at All-Energy 2019


The new DC Wallbox for electric vehicle (EV) charging and the ABB Connected@Home solution will be on display at this year’s All-Energy event today and tomorrow (October 23-24).

ABB DC Wallbox
The ABB DC Wallbox

ABB is strengthening its commitment to writing the future of safe, smart and sustainable electrification at this year’s All-Energy event in Australia, by showcasing its latest solutions for sustainable transport and home energy management.

The ABB Ability enabled DC Wallbox was developed for EV charging at offices, car dealerships, shopping areas, hotels and public parking places. The charge times offered by a direct current (DC) device is much shorter than those offered by conventional alternating current (AC) devices.

With an output of 24 kilowatt (kW), it is compatible with all existing 500 V battery EVs, as well as the next generation of high-voltage vehicles. Depending on the vehicle, the ABB DC Wallbox can have a car topped up and back on the road within one to three hours. The ABB DC Wallbox is available with single or twin outlets, supporting both CCS and CHAdeMO standards.

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Connectivity is key to success in EV charging. Featuring ABB Ability Connected Services, the DC Wallbox enables authentication, payment, monitoring, remote diagnostics and repair, as well as wireless updates and upgrades.

Head of ABB’s Electrification business in Australia David Sullivan said, “The new DC Wallbox will support greater adoption of e-mobility by private vehicle owners and businesses alike. ABB’s DC charging infrastructure offers reliable fast charging along with digital connectivity.”

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Developed to help overcome range anxiety, ABB is also showcasing its 350kW Terra HP (high power) chargers. The Terra HP charging stations are the first chargers with liquid-cooled cables to be installed in Australia and feature as part of the Chargefox ultra-rapid EV charging network rollout. They can deliver up to 200km of range in eight minutes, making them the fastest of any charger currently deployed across the country.

At the All-Energy event, ABB is also showcasing the new ABB Connected@Home solution for Australians looking to future-proof their home. It combines, in one attractive package, ABB’s REACT 2 home energy storage system with the ABB-free@home automation solution and the ABB AC Wallbox EVLunic for car charging. The entire system not only allows for greater energy self-sufficiency (up to 90 per cent), but also makes it faster and more cost-effective to harness the benefits of solar energy. 

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