5B deploys 26MW solar farm at Bellevue Gold mine

5B solar project with folding solar panels (manufacturing)
5B solar panels (Image: 5B)

Australian solar firm 5B is deploying a 26MW 5B Maverick solar farm at Bellevue Gold’s high-grade gold mine in Western Australia as part of an 89.7MW hybrid power station financed, owned, and operated by Zenith Energy.

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The 528 5B Maverick arrays are a critical component of an off-grid facility that will form a part of the renewable energy supply of up to ~80% of Bellevue Gold’s power using a combination of wind, solar and thermal generation, and battery storage.

The hybrid power station will allow Bellevue Gold to operate for periods on 100% renewable energy and has been designed for an ‘engine-off’ mode during periods of high renewable energy generation. It is expected that Bellevue Gold will be the most renewably powered off-grid gold mine of scale in Australia.

“Our Maverick 3.0 array delivers the lowest capex, opex and levelised cost of energy for our customers,” 5B CEO David Griffin said.

“Increasingly our customers are pairing the 5B Maverick technology with batteries and wind turbines to deliver competitively priced dispatchable energy. Being redeployable, the 5B Maverick technology can also be easily relocated to meet the changing demands of our customers.”

“Bellevue Gold recently commenced gold production and we are now installing the 26 MW solar farm with the 5B Mavericks. This will help to reduce costs and reduce emissions, whilst providing a reliable power supply to our operations. Bellevue Gold has an aspirational goal of net zero (Scope 1 and Scope 2) emissions for the Bellevue Gold Project by 2026, and this solar farm is a key step in lowering our emissions,” Bellevue Gold CEO and managing director Darren Stralow said.

“5B Mavericks are especially useful, given we have been able to design the solar farm with more megawatts of solar capacity for less ground disturbance than other solar panel options. This is important for land use—by minimising our impact, whilst still reducing emissions.”

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The solar at Bellevue will be completed in two stages. The first 20MW of solar is planned to be completed CYQ2 2024, the second stage 6MW of solar will be brought online in CYQ3 2024.

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