5 Minutes With… S&C Electric’s Jason Lander

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S&C Electric Company vice president APAC Jason Lander

We find out what’s on the agenda for S&C Electric Company Vice President, Asia Pacific Jason Lander in 2024.

Jason, what steered you towards a career in the energy sector?
I have always been interested in the intricate workings of the world. This, and my natural inclination towards mathematics and science, paved the way for my engineering career.
Witnessing the transition from conventional to sustainable energy solutions fuelled my desire to be part of this industry. The energy sector is embracing change and spearheading a transition towards a more environmentally conscious future. The prospect of contributing to a cleaner, greener world through technological advancements was a powerful motivator.

You joined S&C in 2008 and are now Vice President, Asia Pacific. What’s the journey been like and what do you enjoy most about the job?
In 2008, I joined S&C in the role of Project Manager for the EMEA region in our newly established UK office. This initial opportunity evolved into an over decade-long career, leading to my current position as Vice President, Asia Pacific.

In my first role, I built a power systems and engineering team from the ground up. This provided me with the unique opportunity to immerse myself in all aspects of the business. Five years later, I set up a similar power systems team in the Asia Pacific region. This presented new international challenges and opportunities. It also served as a pivotal transition for my career. While in that role, I proposed a comprehensive regional plan to enhance our business and expand market share in the region. This led to my current role.
Our team’s collaborative spirit is one of the most rewarding aspects of working here. Every day, I have the opportunity to work with dedicated and talented individuals who share a passion for modernising and transforming the grid.

A unique aspect of my journey with S&C has been the opportunity to travel to new regions. This global exposure broadened my professional perspective and enriched my personal growth. I learned how to navigate and appreciate the intricacies of various people, cultures, and markets.

What’s the biggest focus for the team at S&C Electric Company at the moment in supporting utilities through the energy transition?
The overarching vision at S&C is to deliver, through transforming and modernising the grid, an outage-free, sustainable energy future.

Because of our electricity-dependent lifestyles, the uninterrupted flow of power is a non-negotiable requirement. S&C recognises that in a world where our daily lives depend on a continuous and reliable power supply, minimising the number and duration of power outages is not only a customer expectation, but a critical aspect of building a sustainable energy future.

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The commitment to grid resilience is particularly important due to the increasing frequency and severity of weather events that pose a significant threat to the grid’s reliability. These weather events can lead to extended power outages, exposing the vulnerability of our aging grid infrastructure.

S&C offers customers a complete end-to-end view of the electrical grid. For true grid transformation, we look at the entire grid infrastructure. With this holistic perspective, we help our customers to upgrade and modernise their systems for greater resilience and reliability.

What’s on the agenda for you personally and professionally this year?
In the professional sphere, my primary focus remains on building and fortifying our robust business presence in Australia and the broader Asia Pacific region. The year ahead holds the promise of completing several trials, with the strategic goal of converting these successful trials into fully operational utility projects. This will make a significant milestone in our mission to contribute to the modern evolution of the energy landscape in the region.

On a personal front, my time revolves around my wife and our children. We have three teenage daughters and a younger son. I will be guiding them in their social and academic pursuits, and supporting their sporting endeavours, whether it’s cheering from the sidelines during competitions or providing encouragement during early morning swimming sessions.

Finally, what do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?
I enjoy all kinds of sports. Rugby, in particular, has been a constant source of passion and camaraderie. And since my move to Melbourne, I have embraced AFL, enjoying games at the MCG.

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