2021 Industry Contribution Award Winner announced

Western Power Principal Networks Strategy Engineer Nigel Wilmot (industry contribution)
Western Power Principal Networks Strategy Engineer Nigel Wilmot

Western Power Principal Networks Strategy Engineer Nigel Wilmot has been named the 2021 Energy Network Australia Industry Contribution Award winner.

Wilmot was recognised for his significant contribution to the energy industry, in particular for driving the development of new Australian technical standards that govern the connection of renewable energy devices to Australian households and businesses.

The award was presented by Energy Networks Australia chair Ben Wilson, CEO Andrew Dillon and general manager corporate affairs and Western Australia, Tamatha Smith. The event was also attended by Western Power staff and CEO Ed Kalajzic.

Dillon said Mr Wilmot’s work would have a lasting effect on Australia’s energy transition.

“Through Nigel’s foresight, he anticipated the huge growth in solar and battery technology and the need to implement a set of standards to ensure the integrity of Australia’s energy grid was maintained,” he said.

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“These standards were revolutionary and once again proved Australia was at the forefront of renewable integration.”

Western Power CEO Ed Kalajzic congratulated Mr Wilmot on the award and his contribution and dedication to Western Power over the previous 17 years.

“Nigel has repeatedly demonstrated his passion, commitment and leadership in bringing forward standards that provide positive impacts for the community, industry and the environment,” Kalajzic said

“It is Nigel’s inclusive leadership style that is at the heart of the success of these standards, ensuring their longevity, applicability and practicality.”

Energy Networks Australia’s award program is held annually. The 2021 Consumer Engagement Award and the 2021 Industry Innovation Award will be announced in early November.

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